Monday, August 16, 2010

I have 2 minutes to introduce you to Carlos, and then some talk about Halloween costumes......


I wanted to wait a couple more years to get the kids a dog. But seeing how much Lije loves my aunt's Jack Russells and my brother's mutt, I got the idea that it might be cool to get a dog now. Right now, as in before the cold weather hits. I certainly wouldn't want to train a puppy in the winter.
So here's Senor Carlos. He's half Wire-haired Fox Terrier, half Puggle. And a Puggle is half Beagle, half Pug. I think he looks exactly like such a mix.
He's very sweet and super calm. I love a calm dog. My last dog, Murphy- the best dog ever- was a Brittany, but unlike a Brittany he was super chilled and indifferent towards most people and other animals. I loved, loved that about him.
Today we're going to find one of our local dog parks after a stop at Petco- where the pets go (I have to say that every time) - where we're going to look at the chewy, squeaky toys. I'm really hoping the novelty of a puppy doesn't wear off too fast. I'll try and get pictures with my real camera.

Also, today is the twinkies last day of school for the summer. That signals the end of summer and time to consider Halloween costumes. (I have been so gung-ho on portraying Gilligan's Island for years now. Milo must be Gilligan and Lije, the Skipper.   We'll see. I know at this age they love being their own thing.
Here is one photo of the series of the years I had a theme pre-Henry. I think this was the second year, they were, obviously, cave kids. I'll get around to posting the other classics.


This year has gone way too fast and I dig that in a way. Because of the years between babies I spent in the house, depressed and anxiety-ridden, I feel like this is the first day of the rest of my life.

Love Ms. Crabass


  1. Senor Carlos looks much bigger in that first picture. When you said he was tiny I thought "Tiny compared to what? A saint bernard?!"

    I dig the cavekid theme. :o) Maise is a riot!

  2. Hilarious! Love this costume idea, totally cracks me up!

  3. I LOVE your Halloweenie pics. They are the best, just like you.