Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I ate two plates of linguini with clam sauce and a photo from 2005's Halloween...

So I said I took a series of these Halloween theme pics? Here's the first one taken in 2005, the twins' first Halloween not spent in a hospital. And Mamie's first Halloween ever. They were little Caesars. It's been my favorite costume so far.

Little Caesars

I ate two bowls of my father's awesome linguini with clam sauce, scallops and squid. We had dinner there tonight because my brother and his kids came down from Vermont today. They'll stay until Friday and my niece will stay behind here for a week. I'm sure I've have some stories about this. Tonight my brother was insisting that any adult riding a bicycle without any gear has a DUI.

Well I'm kind of dog-tired. haha that's a pun. I'm tired of this dog. He's damned cute but it's really just an extra chore, and I knew to expect this. But still it doesn't change the fact that it's still another thing to do...take him out, bring him in, feed him, rub his belly. Plus I am not used to this dog smell so I'm adding at least 16 more hand-washings to my day. That's like 32 minutes if I was singing the Happy Birthday song. Carlos is really unusually calm and obedient, I'm impressed.


Love Ms. Crabass

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