Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 days later...and then some stuff about 2002

The last 2 days we had some visitors in town. My brother and his family came down from Vermont. My SIL is is awesome, and they have 3 kids under 13. We spent most of the day Monday and Tuesday at the beach and lots of time in the water which was a comfortable 70 degrees.

My brother spent 99.9% of the time talking about sharks and the who, what, and why of their prompt for attacking. He kept appraising which unlucky swimmer was out the furthest. He wondered if we should pay them, and how much would be appropriate to offer someone to act as shark bait for us. We spotted "Shark Bait Couple"...since couples kissing are always most likely going to be attacked by a shark. There was all kinds of shark- related nonsense coming from him at all times. My brother likes to "tell a joke until it isn't funny and then keep telling it until it's funny again".

I could never live in Vermont. If I could semi-reasonably move in the near future it would be to the eastern seaboard of Virginia or North Carolina. I love a good portion of the south, and I certainly wouldn't be heading any more north than I already am. This has to do with temperature and the less snow I see and cold I feel, the happier I am. I wouldn't even consider the west coast no matter how much I love it, I just can't imagine being far from my family and from Manhattan. And it's not like we have the flexibility with two disabled children to wander around from place to place.

I spent a little over 3 months "living" in Norfolk when my Twinkies were born, unexpectedly, while vacationing at my parents' (then) home in Duck, NC. Hated it at first considering the horrible circumstances, but left absolutely loving the city. The people were so good to me, the food ended up being just fine and it was charming.

This is me and one of my twins in Norfolk in 2002- what ended up being the longest "vacation" ever:

My Beautiful Baby A
Love Ms. Crabass

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Test post. Testing. Testing. 1,2,3. 1,2,3, doing the batty bat.
ya HOO
This is me circa late 70's. One of my first dance recitals. It was jazz, but I forget the song. Dancing was my childhood hobby.

So I'm going to try and catch up this blog little by little, with some of the entries of the journal I kept when I became pregnant with the Twinkies in 2002. I might even post from my older journals pre-2002.

The Twinkies are identical twin boys who were born 3 months early. So we have some outstanding and lifelong issues concerning their health and daily functioning. In the words of my third child, my daughter now aged 5, to a total stranger ..."two of my brothers are 7 years-old and they're medical". She also has a third brother, 3 years younger than her. She describes him by saying "...I love him very much. He's always very, very mad and he bites people".

So it's raining here. It's late afternoon and we were headed to the beach for a frolic. But now we're not going. So I can practice writing in my new electronic journal.

I wish I had more time to figure out how to create a decent template for this blog because I do realize it's quite bland. But hey, I have 4 kids. And I think we might be getting a dog soon. I don't know, we'll see. That's a big step and I don't want to be *that* person who gets a dog as a novelty and then ignores him. I love dogs.

So I'm always reading a book. I need it to fall asleep at night. That, and melatonin...sometimes benadryl if I drank any form of caffeine later than 2pm. I used to read only non-fiction, mostly biographies, but now I'm more open to fiction. I prefer gothic fiction, ghost stories and the classics. I can also talk about books, if I feel like it. And I love films: indie, dramas, foreign, comedies, suspense... I have a Netflix account and I'm always up for good movie suggestions. If you want to be my Netflix friend please send me a note. I only have 2 friends on Netflix.

I'm not a writer, but I'll try not to annoy grammer-phobes with incorrect apostrophes and misspellings. But I will be typing quickly and publishing as I do have 4 kids and soon a dog.

Did I mention only one of my kids can talk? Two use sign language. Three can walk. One can swim. One screams and cries a lot. Four scream just for fun. Two look exactly alike. One has green eyes. Four are the cutest. Three and a half are very well-behaved. Two are very laid-back and even-tempered. One craves attention every second of the day. One likes to be alone in a room where no one else is. One is obsessed with Scooby-doo. One loves unicorns and pink. One loves books...loves to tear them to pieces.

I'll see what I can do about posting everyday.

Love Ms. Crabass