Thursday, August 19, 2010

He rubs the lotion on his skin...


I have dryish skin. I have a weird thing about my feet. They need to be soft and never ever dry. I can't use the word most people use to say "not dry" because it's on my list of words I don't like. (I have a running list I will post soon). So everyday before I leave the house I apply a non-scented light lotion to my feet. Then before I go to bed I wash them in the sink, if you want to visualize that.

So Henry sees me applying lotion often. He always wants some too. Yesterday, while I had Carlos The Puppy outside, Henry helped himself to my Vaseline Intensive Care, most of the bottle. Then last night he managed to reach the twins' nurses' bottle of Keri Lotion. He was moisturized to the max.

Yesterday, we went to the boardwalk with my brother and his kids. Lije had the most awesome hairdo in a 100 mile radius. The rides were closed because of the 47 raindrops that landed within an hour. So we went into two arcades. The first one was excessively over-crowded. Milo was having all kinds of sensory overload issues. We left. My brother wanted a beer at the boardwalk's saloon. So we wandered around their accompanying arcade for another full hour of premier merrymaking.

Mamie spent about $5 on Skee Ball and won one miniature eraser shaped like a cake, the ones the kids are collecting these days.


Mamie and her big cousin rejoicing...


I ordered my nephews a magnificent waffle sandwich, the deluxe because I'm an incredible aunt. My niece and I split one with coffee ice cream, and Mamie got a giant bag of cotton candy in pink. Yuck. One of our nurses ordered a slice of pizza that was the size of a large beaver. I regret not getting a pic of that.
So in just two hours we had a great day. Mamie got to stay at the boardwalk with her cousins while I returned home with the boys for our nurse's shift end.

Have a great day!

Love Ms. Crabass


  1. Well he will definitely NOT be dry, will he? LOL Does the word you don't like start with W and end with T? :)

  2. Oh no hehe it starts with an "m" and ends with a "t" and has an "o, i, and s" in the middle!

  3. That Henry looks too cute for words.
    Great pictures. You are right Lige's hair looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Never a dull moment, eh? Would you even know what to do if you were given a dull moment?

    Love this blog, btw!

  5. Not dry? You don't like the word soft?
    I'm sure its the top of the list along with aluminum, cinnamon and breakfast. thank you, bow... thank you, bow...

    Do you still drink a gallon of water before going to bed to ensure that you get out of bed in the morning?

    Great 'do Elijah!